Martín Vásquez

Elsa Chausson         Ceux qui nous accompagnent 

Martín Vásquez is an Argentinean artist. From 1993 until 1998, he studied circus and mime in the Argentinean School of Mime Decroux style. In the same period, he worked with the “Grupo de Teatro Catalinas Sur” and the children theatre company “Bochinche”.

Between1999 and 2001, he came to London to study acting, at the Philippe Gaulier international school. He met Jonas Södergren and created the clown duo “Cous Cous and Kass Kass”. The show was performed in England, Sweden and Danemark.

He came to France in 2003 and worked as a clown two shows for the Theater Compagny “Le Sablier” and two years in the “Cirque de Paris”. From 2005 he taught at Philippe Gaulier’s school in Paris.

In 2009 he created his own company “La Sensible” with his one man-clown in the show “Circo Pirulo”